So my first post ever in the history of my blogging days is going to be about Acne.

So what is acne?

Acne is when you break out all over your face in spots when you don’t want to. The myth of acne is that its due to eating chocolate and not moving, although it can cause a spot or two to break our on your face it doesn’t explain why when we stop eating the chocolate it doesn’t go away. As well as this myth we always have the “you should wash your face more often”, which makes you want to throw a punch.

Now acne isn’t simple so, I’ll be creating a page JUST ON ACNE on here for those of you who want some deeper insight.

Now in short:

Acne IS about what you put inside your body and how well you take care of it, however it is NOT the only causes. Hormones and stress as well as personal hygiene also play a role. It can also just be due to the area you live in being a bit more polluted (the air) or it could be genetics. BUT not to worry. If you can nail the factors causing your spots you can reduce or maybe even get rid of them.

I learnt about a technique called face mapping which was an old Chinese diagnosis method, where doctors would look at a persons face and be able to diagnose what was wrong just by the part of the face being affected. I’ve simplified that with a face I made on some website online and I’ve spoken about what you may be lacking or what you may be having too much of! The simplified version that I’ve posted with this blog post talks illustrates what organ maybe under distress and what may be causing it. Please do read my detailed post about acne and face mapping just click here

email for any queries, advice, to listen, problems, anyway I can be of service.



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