Bad Eating Habits.


So one of my worst habits ever is over eating. Binge eating is eating way too much in a certain “short” amount of time. I do it when I crave food. I get tempted to binge eat a lot recently because I’m “dieting” frankly I don’t like that word but that’s what I’ll call not eating junk all the time now. 
I used to eat so much in the matter of 10 minutes and I’d be feeling so sick afterwards. It was such a bad  habit, well is* a bad habit which I’m trying to break.
There’s two reasons I started binge eating:

1. Emotion – I started using the stuff I went through in my life as a reason to eat. I felt there was a void in my life and I needed to fill it but nothing did. Food didn’t either until I thought it did in large amounts. This is one of the main reasons I put on weight throughout my “teen years”. I always blamed people. People said this people said that. Yeah people did but I’m the one who put the food in my mouth. Me not anybody else.

2. I stop myself eating junk, sugar and all the good stuff. So long that I just need to eat lots of the good stuff so I stuff myself with as much as I can find. That’s where balance comes in.  I’m slowly learning to balance all the stuff I eat. So to balance the different amounts of sugar, fat  but also minerals, vitamins and fibre in my diet.
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