download20 years of life, things pile up. Yoga I always knew about however I didn’t really give it any thought till I started college. Yoga for me has been the top thing on my list that relieved my stress during difficult times, whether it was exams, social life, family life and also my weight. I was inspired by “Tara Stiles” who i discovered on YouTube.

I’ve also wanted to know which fantastic guy or girl actually began this, so I did a little digging into its history. I feel the more I know about something the better my connection with it is, regardless if its a person or an action.

Yoga is an Indian tradition. Now for most it is physical exercise however, in Indian tradition it is more than just physical movement, it is also a mental and spiritual concept. In Vedic Sanskrit the word “yoga” literally means “to add, to join, to unite or to attach” coming from the root word “yuj”. The main goal of Yoga is to reach “Moksha” which means liberation.

In a physical sense, Yoga really helps to relieve the tension built up in your muscles and stretch out parts of your body that don’t really get a chance. Daily Yoga can really contribute to your mood and to how your day turns out. Yoga in the morning for me, stretches me out and relieves me of anything that I was worried about the day before so I can have a fresh new morning, new day, new start. Yoga before I go bed really helps me get to sleep, because it really help you to focus on your breathing and it makes you feel this certain type freedom, releasing all that bad energy and just getting ready for that nap.

In a mental and spiritual sense, Yoga helps to control the outward flow of energies so that the mind can become the center of perception and gradually train and progress into an independent part of the body not dependent on the environment, the worldly desire and even our own senses.

In Hinduism there is is a variety of paths that yoga can take for example:

  • Hatha Yoga – This is physical postures that attempts to purify the mind and prepare it for meditation
  • Karma Yoga – selfless service to others, actions without attachment to the results.
  • Jnana Yoga – this is the path of wisdom
  • There is also, Mantra, Bhakti and Raja Yoga šŸ™‚
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