After I graduate, I don’t want to be a stuck at the job all day, everyday kind of person. I don’t want my job to be my life.
Once I’ve graduated and I’ve saved up one thing I’ve always wanted to do was to start a business. That business – a restaurant.

I want a creative name like “Food” or “Eat” or “Digest” I don’t know.  I’ll think of that later. But I want it to be huge. 3 floors. Each a different cuisine. People laughing and enjoying themselves. I wanna be my own CEO. So once I’ve opened the restaurant, I’ll be opening more. Obviously 😒. I don’t have a background in business as you can tell. Still. I want it to be huge.

So after this I want to open my own leisure centre. Going to different gyms and seeing the environment and wanting things to be a certain way, makes me want to make my own centre.
I’d call it “Move” or “Sweat” something again that’s creative. Just grabs your attention you know?. I’m gonna have my own swimming pool, obviously with male and female life guards, which was one the problems I had. Only male life guards. I’ll train to become a life guard if I can’t find someone to hire. 😒 I’d have a huge gym. So big you have to walk to the other side of the room to be able to clearly see it.

Dream Big.
email for any queries, advice, to listen, problems, I’m here.



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