Inevitable Forehead Spots.


The forehead spots! These spots are so irritating! Its generally due to lack of water in the system! Dehydration and built up of toxin.
See my acne page for more detail!


Simple solution drink more water. Now drinking water can be tedious so my solution is I still drink my bucket loads of water but for those  days that I just don’t want tap water. I do this…


Cut up lots of fruit put it into you water! Its fantastic especially for the summer! Leave it in the fridge overnight and wake up to a beautiful refreshing drink. Not only are you being hydrated but the goodness from the fruits are also entering your body! You can pop some fruit in your bottle give it a bit of a shake and take  it out with you wherever you go!

cucumbers or strawberries or lemon and lime (or sometimes oranges)
email for any queries, advice, to listen, problems, I’m here.



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