Let’s go Cardio!


So I went to gym today! And it was quite fantastic! I did as much cycling as I could, till my legs couldn’t bare anymore.
My main “don’t stop, push” came from my headphones listening to the gym song “Eye of the Tiger”. Although that was in my head I couldn’t help but think about cake and chips. Not together, but never know, might be a good combination. Anyway, the headphones itself weren’t what kept me going for as long as I did, it was the thought I might just be thin one day. Not “skinny” but thinner than I am now, and healthier than I am now. The fact that I can actually run or cycle. I started gym last week Monday the 1st of June, on that day I couldn’t cycle for more than 5 minutes without wanting to pass out into a lovely bed made of…  Well food. Now, I can cycle 20 minutes, yeah I feel like they’re my last breaths but I feel so content.

Another motivator was that I went gym, not alone, but with my dad. I was cycling and he was on the treadmill behind me. This is gonna sound so cheesy but – I felt motivated knowing he was there and had my back.

Friday 29th May – 185 lbs
Friday 5th of June – 182 lbs

It may not be 10 pounds but hey I lost three pounds of fat. I’m not complaining. I want to get out of these nasty 180’s and finally be able to say once in my life I lost a decent amount of weight and I’m not demotivated. If I see some sort of change, I won’t give up.


email for any queries, advice, to listen, problems, I’m here.



2 thoughts on “Let’s go Cardio!

  1. Great job – I ask my Fat Loss clients to set targets based on an average of 2lbs per week so you’ve made a great start!

    Later on… consider adding some weights in to your routine too – contrary to what many people may tell you this will help increase your metabolism and lose more weight rather than add bulk or muscle.


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