Science and Faith.


Science is a challenge, mentally as well as physically. I love science. Its the most beautiful “subject” ever. I’ve always been a “religion” person, one of the main reasons was that science always held my faith so high. I love the anatomy, the physiology and pathology of the human body. The make of of a single cell. How delicate it is. I love how certain chemicals when mixed together cause reactions that are messy and colourful, I love how atoms one of the smallest things known to man can cause such HUGE consequences. I love calculating moles, for anybody has studied any level of Chemistry you’ll know. I love the big bang theory, I love astronomy, the planets how they’re aligned, how each planet is comprised, not being able to even comprehend the size of the earth. I love the order in the earth (minus the violence, evil and injustice in the world). URGH its so damn awesome. I want to go to space. I want to go to the moon. I want to go to mars and Jupiter (without dying of course). So many things. Science builds my faith in God, how beautiful His creation is, and then wonders of this universe and how unbelievably, fantastically great it is. Melts my heart when I see a rainbow or a beautiful apple on the tree.

And not to mention food, especially cake.
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3 thoughts on “Science and Faith.

  1. Sounds like someone is obsessed about science as much as I am..great post! Love it! ☺️
    I think I posted a similar one but this one sounds far better than mine!

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    1. I am! I’m totally obsessed with science and everything to do with it! Its absolute passion!
      Thanks for reading it, and I’ll definitely be snooping around your blog to have a read, its always lovely to meet science lovers! Were the best (✋-hi5)!

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