Multi Vitamins

One everyday.

I live in a world where I don’t eat enough fruit and veg everyday and the sunlight doesn’t stay out for more than 10 seconds. So I take Multi- Vitamins once a day.

The multi vitamins I have aren’t any special type of multi vitamins, they’re just your standard tablets, I wasn’t prescribed them, I went to Boots had a look round and found one that looked alright in price and appearance. However, I just don’t buy anything and everything off the shelf. I generally investigate every ingredient in the product’s I consume. I do this with medication to, I research all the studies that the ingredients are involved in, and read up on any of the side effects and how bad of a consequence it can actually be.

Multi vitamins contain all your essential vitamins which I will go through below, and why they are necessary in the diet including iron and calcium as well.

So to start off with:

Vitamin D: – If you don’t want to be taking supplements you can find vitamin D in oily fish such as mackerel, salmon and sardines, breakfast cereals and some powdered milks. And if the sun is out go get some vitamin D all for free. but be sure to wear sunscreen. Vitamin D is very useful for keeping our bones and teeth very healthy, by controlling the amount of calcium and phosphates in your body. CALCIUM MAKES YOUR BONES STRONG. We’ve all heard it and its true.

Vitamin B12: – Vitamin B12 can be found in meat, fish or dairy foods, not this is generally not found in your veggies and fruits. B12 is a very scientific substance! Its needed in order to maintain your DNA synthesis, and we all know your DNA is quite important is helps to control all our cells. So B12 is very important for the synthesis of our blood cells and our nerve cells. Now having a B12 deficiency can lead to illnesses such as anaemia – which can make you weak and tired a lot (basically when you “don’t have enough blood”. (more info at

Vitamin A: – Vitamin A is found in a lot of foods such as sweet potatoes, carrots, lettuce, fish and tropical fruits. Vitamin A is needed to maintain our vision (where it helps to keep our membranes of our cells rigid, including those in the cells but also the production of substances that are needed for correct and healthy vision). Vitamin A is also important for our Immune and reproductive system.

Vitamin E: – This is found in plant oils such as soya, corn and olive oils but also nuts and seeds. Vitamin E acts as an anti oxidant which means it protects our cells from substances called “free radicals” ( which are harmful). Vitamin E does wonders for the skin. I tend to use a home made almond face scrub, because almond is very high in Vit E and it does amazing things, its great for getting rid of scars and blemishes from acne and popping spots (obvious don’t use if your allergic to almonds)

Vitamin K: – This is found in spinach, broccoli, veg oils and cereal grains. Vitamin K is very important in blood clotting, which is how your wounds heal. So an increase in this vitamin can assure better healing of wounds and scars. It also plays a role in forming strong bones and preventing heard disease.

CALCIUM! – About 99% of our calcium is in our teeth and bones! Calcium is essential for life, its so important. Calcium is needed for blood clotting, its needed for muscle contraction and also needed for sending messages via nerves. The best source of calcium for me is MILK! I love milk! its so fantastical! Most dairy products have a high concentration of calcium but also it doesnt stop there it also found in leafy greens and sea food.

Iron: Iron is great! Iron is needed in our bodies for so many processes. One main one is to help our blood cells carry around oxygen to keep us up and fit instead of down and tired. Oxygen is carried around on a molecule called haemoglobin and part of this molecule is iron, so we need definitely need it! Again having too little iron can cause anaemia.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Also iron supplements should not be given to young children it can cause stomach upsets, they should try and get it from their normal diet intake.
email for any queries, advice, to listen, problems, I’m here.



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