Change is Good.

When I was younger, I was “The Fat Kid” that everyone picked on. (So proud of my name). I was picked on so much because of my weight that I might as well have written pick on me I’m fat on my forehead. I was also picked on Cuz I was “ugly”. Lost my best friends because of “ugly”. What does that even mean?

The reason I was picked on constantly was because I was so damn passive. I was fat yes, and society sucks. I let people walk all over me, I let people degrade me, I let people play mind games with me. I let people just ruin my life, my mentality and my self image. I didn’t say anything back, I felt I was the fat kid your not allowed to say anything back. I was the smart kid too. I was the smart kid that did her homework, that got A*s, that didn’t mess around, that wasnt disrespectful to her teachers. I was picked on for that. I made fake friends because of that. I let people use me for their advantage. I let people walk the hell over me. I never used to stand up for myself. I never used to believe in myself. I made friends that I don’t even think about today. Removed them from my contacts and removed them from my life.

I was literally tormented every day of my life in school and college. And I just want to take a minute to thank all those people who made me much stronger. Made me the woman I turned into today. I didn’t choose what I went through, life threw trials and tribulation and I had to decide how I would deal with them. There’s no regrets, there’s no I wish I could change this, there’s no I wish that didn’t happen. I thank life for what it had it store for me, it taught me lessons and taught me to be stronger.

Now. I’m happy. I’m a second year  Pharmacy Student, I have the bestest best friend ever, who loves me for who I am. I have the best family in the world. I love my degree, and hopefully I’ll graduate happy and be a service to the public, caring for peoples health. Which I’ve always wanted to. Now when someone says something to me it, its an opinion, you take it in and let it go. My self confidence, my self esteem. Everything’s built for me.

I changed into a person that I’m proud of. I changed into a person that can take control of her own life and not let people have their say, having an affect on my life. I changed into a person that is strong, independent and doesn’t take no for an answer.

Change isn’t always bad.
Change is good.
Very good.
email for any queries, advice, to listen, problems, I’m here.



6 thoughts on “Change

  1. Wow, I really admire you. What a brave lady you are! People can be very mean, but that’s because they’re insecure. Someone who’s satisfied with their own life would never try to hurt someone else. That’s my way of dealing with mean people, I sincerely hope they’ll find happiness and peace in their heart one day.

    By the way, you’re beautiful, inside and out ! xx

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    1. Aww thank you so much! I appreciate it and it means a lot! What you said is so true, people pick out faults in others because they’re too scared to pick out they’re own.
      You’re beautiful inside and out too!

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