Ramadan is here. Ramadan is a month where Muslims fast from Break of dawn to Sunset. We fast in order to learn self control, because not only do we abstain from eating and drinking we abstain from other worldly pleasures. Its meant to be a calm month for us, to find ourselves and seek forgiveness from God. A month that teaches us obedience and the purity and importance of prayer and remembering God. It makes us more conscious of God.

I love this month, its literally my saviour. All year round its like I sin left, right and centre and I feel no regret sometimes and no remorse. So this month is really helpful in teaching me the value of life and prayer. I’m really looking forward to this month completely changing me. Hopefully having this change last a life time. I love Ramadan, and I’m so glad its here.

I hope its a good month inshallah (God willing)


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