You are your own happiness.


Smiling. Why should you smile?

Smiling can make you happy. When you feel down, when you feel there’s no hope, when you feel you need something to cheer up, don’t look towards others, don’t look towards food, look inside yourself. Look at the beauty you are. Just look in your reflection and smile. Smiling is an external as well as internal. It triggers stuffs to happen in your body! It makes you happy even if your not, even if you don’t want to be!

Smiling can make others happy! Smiling can change a persons day. When you walk down the street, smile. It won’t take anything out of you, except burn a couple extra calories. Smile, the worst that will happen is someone doesn’t smile back! And when that happens you carry on walking down the road with a huge grin on your beautiful face. Smiling at others can really make a persons day, for example when I have a bad day, I’d love to just have someone gimme a little smile when I’m down.

Smiling can get you places. Want a job? Smile at your interviewer! Walk into your interview like you were just given a bucket of cake… I really like cake… Anyway smile! It does wonders. Smile at your boss, he probably think you weird, but smile anyway. Smile at your patients, customers and colleagues. It makes them want to be around you more!

Smiling makes you more attractive! Very attractive. Smiling can melt a guys/girls heart. A smile, with that little glimmer * can make someone fall head over heels for you.

Smiling is a good sign about your personality. Smiling gives off a great first impression. Do it. Smiling makes you seem more open, more friendly, more approachable. Its a great feeling.

You’re your own happiness. You’re capable of making yourself happy, and don’t need to depend on someone’s joke, or going out with mates although it helps. Its not the only thing that makes you happy. Find your inner beauty and convert it into a smile

Smiling is good.


2 thoughts on “You are your own happiness.

  1. That’s so true! There’s scientific proof that when you smile, your body creates positive emotions, even if you feel sad.
    I really love this post 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

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