Greasy Food!


One of my biggest temptations in life was G.R.E.A.S.Y.F.O.O.D.! When I’m hungry just pop out to the shop, when we all eat as a family, we all eat FOR a family! When I’m out an about, order a salad maybe with some grilled chicken if salads too healthy for you. NO says brain. YES says heart! We love our oil fried stuff, not just fried. DEEP FRIED. It tastes so good doesn’t it?


Junk food, i.e chips, burgers and pizza, contain oil, carbs, fats everything you don’t want in your diet. Now a little treat here and there isn’t too bad but, junk food has become a “global habit” for people. A very bad habit. Eating too much of these foods is the reason the world is fat and obese. Eating too much of this kind of food can lead to build up of plaques inside you body which can cause heart attacks! Eating too much of these foods can lead to so many diseases! Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, even cause a stroke.

I’ve taken a break from this type of food, and quite frankly when i see it now or smell it I get a bit nauseous. Before I used to crave burgers! Now its like yeah nah its alright, I can make something at home! Me and my family has also gotten into the habit of eating healthier but also eating at healthier times.


Greasy food is one of the main reasons I’m over weight! But greasy food is the reason I’m going to lose weight!

1. Do I wanna be 20 years old with diabetes? Yes one benefit I get my prescriptions free but that’s it. I mean NO!

Diabetes isn’t just when your sugars high! Diabetes is the disease, now let’s see its symptoms! So retinopathy – you could slowly start losing your sight, build up of pressure, we’ve all heard of glaucoma! Neuropathy – your extremities can become numb, you could get injured and not even know! When your diabetic your chances of heart disease, strokes, higher blood pressure all of these increase! Diabetes if its not controlled can lead to “gangrene feet”! This isn’t good! Your feet become infected, scaly, smelly and green, and most likely needs amputation! Do I want that in 10 years? NO!

2. Do I want to be fat and obese life? NO!
In 10 years time when I hopefully have children, toddlers , I wanna chase them around and play games without becoming breathless when I get to the bottom of the stairs! I wanna be healthy mum!

3. If you eat junk food, you’ll pile on weight. This will lower self esteem due to outbreaks on the face (see my acne page for more detail) and also due to just not being comfortable with how you look. I’m not comfortable with how I am, and I’m changing that. Put down the burger and eat that apple!

4. Junk food makes you sluggish. Take it from someone who lived off junk food. It isn’t great for energy, it isn’t great for long term happiness either! Junk food is high in calories πŸ‘Ž and low in energy πŸ‘Ž. So do you wonder why you feel tired after the HUGE meal? Its because of the CARBS. Carbs make you tired! Junk food doesn’t contain vitamins and minerals like watermelon and cake does. Okay not cake but I love cake. So what good is there in junk food other that temporary satisfaction!?

5. Junk food can cause mood changes. It causes hormone changes, can make you angry and even depressed! So lay of it a while!

I’m not one to quit something cold turkey, so here’s a few alternatives I’ve tried!

1. Instead of going out to the junk food shop, go out to tesco or another local supermarket! Grab your own stuff to make burgers! Not only will it be healthier, if you do it as a family it gives you family time! Don’t fry the burger, grill it! Instead of having a big slab of meat make a veggie burger!

2. You want a burger? Have a sandwich instead! So much more healthier and so much more convenient. And easier to count calories!

3. If your gonna have junk make it a treat not a hobby! And if you do have it, try do something that equates to burning it off, or burning some of it off! Go for a jog, go for a run, go for a walk if you can’t jog or run, go ride your bike! Go do some star jumps!

I hope you liked reading! 😁

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4 thoughts on “Greasy Food!

  1. Very nice info about health! You’re so smart, dear friend! We know junk food isn’t good for our health, but here (in my country), many people make this food as favorite food. Not good habits. Thanks dear!

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