I spend months and months on my coursework and I get 40-50%, yet people do there work in the place where your meant to give the work in and on the day of the deadline and got 20 odd % higher than you. I try so damn hard in my work, i put 100% effort into my work, and for what? Its like my effort goes to waste. I spend and waste away nights, giving up sleep, looking like a zombie trying to figure out what crap + even bigger crap + a whole load of crap you don’t understand equals, i put so much effort into calculating it all and I GET NEAR TO BARELY A PASS. how the hell is that fair?

This is my face right now…Angry Student

Except its my face not his.

You know sometimes I think that the markers just put random numbers on my paper just because they can’t be bothered, or they accidentally wrote down their IQ instead of actually marking my paper. WHY IS REFERENCING SO IMPORTANT? Isn’t it enough that i went through the internet to search for the information, can’t i just tell you what website i got it from? Rather than having to write the date I got it, the date the website was put up, you might as well ask to write the coding for the damn website if you care about it that much. 

Why don’t people understand that I’m a student wasting away her nights and sleep to put a bunch of words together on to a damn page in the most complicated order, with calculations that not even Einstein understood.  I love my degree but this stupid low scoring has to stop. Its like they mark a bunch after lunch so theyre happy, but mark mine while they’re in pain because the’re constipated. TAKE SOME LAXATIVES THEN MARK MY WORK!

I don’t understand why I put so much effort in when I’m just gonna get put down like an animal. URGH I hate rude people. Yes they’re extremely rude, And you know if my work is  so damn bad atleast tell my why its so bad. You’d start to think if a teacher that you’ve emailed 4 times keeps saying theyre too busy to give you feedback, theres something up. Is it? Or are you just afraid I’m gonna knock you out? I feel like having a tantrum every time i see one the lecturers faces, just throwing a tomato at them so hard that they fall over like a pin ball and then don’t get back up.

I don’t get why people can’t just be fair with there marking, there HAS TO BE SOMETHING WRONG. I do love people. People are nice, but its people like them which make me wanna storm across the city just breaking stuff. Going into their offices, planting stink bombs and just URGH…

Its times like these I WANT CAKE!

Rant Over. 



2 thoughts on “Effort

  1. No reason to be sorry, that kind of stuff just stinks. 😡
    Should have printed those emails out and added them to your package. “Hi, here’s my work and lack of feedback.”

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