Chinny chin chin!

Spots on your chin! White and full of nasty stuff?

2 things!
The nasty white stuff in your spots and pimples, do you know what it is? Its called “white blood cells”. When you get spots and it becomes a pimple, infected, gone white its because its a reaction to some sort of bacteria on your skin. Most common one
“staphylococcus aureus” try say it its fun! Its the most common bacteria that causes pimples. Now the white stuff is what your body produces in order to fight that bacteria. Its not actually nasty if you think about. It may feel horrible to wake up to but hey life goes on.

Now if a spot, turns into a pimple, infected then you know you had some sort of bacteria on your face. But if your just getting spots (sometimes causing pimples too) on your chin its because of various factors!

Diet! If your diet consists of oil, grease and all that thick stuff, your definitely gonna break out especially if its a constant thing! Try and cut back on the oily foods, just try alternatives! I guarantee if you cut back oily foods for a week or so, you’ll defo see a change!

Also for the women out there:
Guys look away:

Sudden changes in hormone levels also cause you to break out. Naughty little androgen cause you to break out all over your chin! If you use spot cream, personally o used to use “Freederm” but I stopped because  one day I ran out and I couldn’t be bothered to go and get another tube! Lazy.

Quick solution:
If you know your time of the month, apply some spot cream beforehand!
Also if you know your time of the month try and take care of your skin, try and not to eat to many foods that are high in fats and oils!
I definitely try and exfoliate my chin 3 times a week, because it keeps it nice and smooth!

Another piece of advice:

IF you pop your spots, you’ll definitely scar your face and that’s where “blemishes” come from. Try and stop giving into the temptation of popping spots. Its a bad habit!


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