I’m happy. 😛😝


My best friend.

I have THE bestest friend in the world. That person you can tell anything to and not be embarrassed, that person you can be yourself around and not care if you look like snow white or an ogre.

That awesome person you can just sit there with and have a laugh for ages. That person you can laugh and cry with at the same time. That person that let’s you in on all their secrets and all their tactics in life’s. That person who let’s you borrow their socks. That person who just leaves you in stitches when you want to burst out crying. The person who motivates you when you feel like your carrying the world on your shoulders.That person who you just can’t thank God enough for placing in your life.

I have faith in God that my best friend is a blessing in my life and I just want to thank my best friend as well as God and my family, for what my life’s become because my life’s changed by a huge amount. My personality, character and generally who I am.

Thank you.


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