Beauty Formula

One way I really like to treat my face, maybe once every two weeks is with the following:

  • “Pure” exfoliating wipes
  • “Beauty Formula” Cleansing Nose Pore Strip
  • “Beauty Formula! Cucumber Peel-off mask
1. Clean your face “Pure” exfoliating wipes

So this is the exfoliating wipes for the face that you can use just before you go to bed before you but you night cream or moisturiser. However for this little treatment, you want to use this in order to get rid of any dirt on your face which includes, left over make up, oils, grease and any time you touched your face, or anything that might have landed on it. After using this your face will feel really nice and fresh before you apply the next thing which is the cleansing nose pore strip! Make sure you don’t miss out this step, because this step really helps to get the dirt of your face and start to unclog those pores, as they’re enriched with micro”dimples” which nicely but gently exfoliate that gorgeous skin!

2. Clean your faceClean your face Beauty Formula’s Cleansing Nose Pore Strip

This can be used with the cucumber mask, just applied around it or you can apply it and wait for it to work and then apply the mask! I apply them separately just so my nose gets extra treatment! There are instructions on this packaging, so how to put it on, its not hard, its pretty simple! But the real reason I use it, because you can kinda see how the dead skin and the dirt just literally wipes of your nose! When its taken off it feels FANTASTIC!

I really do love this little strip, I dont use it often, because at the end of the day our skin deserves a break from chemicals, being scrubbed and all the harsh things we apply to it. So I only use it like the night before a big occasion and if not, every one or two weeks.

If I’m not using this then i’m just exfoliating my skin with daily facial scrubs or something else.

It honestly feels great though, and its pretty much painless when your removing it! Just a little hint, if you do use these, if your nose gets a bit dry and it starts to hurt when you peel it off just add a little water and you can’t feel a thing.

3. Ao0G1Yrn772QONuZ_9RvIllepENQeCEwHqjquiRbnSTD Beauty Formula’s Cucumber Peel-off Mask.

The last step is golden! It actually feels gorgeous when washed off and its even refreshing when its applied to your face! Absolutely wonderful. Its really cool on your face when its applied and it becomes a kind of gel-like substance that’s quite easy to peel off! (hint if it gets on delicate areas of the face like under your eyes, where the skin is more sensitive, literally add a bit more water and rub it off- works so well).

This face mask works so well, to hydrate your skin! It works so well to leave your skin so refreshed and rejuvenated! It leaves the skins pores unclogged and the skin nice and clean for you to apply your own moisturiser to maximise its affects!

Its really helped to clear up my face of all its blemishes and its really helped my skin with feeling bright and healthy!

Many products on the shelf today are beyond expensive! And quite frankly I don’t want to spend £15 on a cream! The products I’ve spoken about today are so cheap. Beauty Formula is a new brand I came across and they have so many different products available for different areas of the body. Including feet, hair and skin! Its so great!

“Pure” exfoliating scrubs can be bought anywhere from £1-£2 from your nearest home bargains, pound stretcher, pound world! Which is another reason I like it! Beauty Formula can also be bought at the same shops or you can have a look at some of their online products here!

Thanks for reading!


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