Watch an episode… Watch the Season… Watch the seasons

Unlike my ordinary posts, for some strange odd reason, I felt like sharing some of my ShowBiz love!


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This has to be one of the most invigorating, most breath taking like OMG moment series I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I LOVE it. I love the plots! The character Oliver Queen is so well played, and I love the relationships it creates between the characters. The heat between Oliver and Felicity. The bromance between Oliver and Diggle. Honest if I was to recommend a program i would definitely recommend this! Its absolutely wicked! Like every episode theres a shock, the fighting, the tension, the OMG whats gonna happen. Not to mention to fighting. I love fighting films, fighting programs, just fighting, although I’m actually not a violent person. 😀

Prison Break.

Prison break finished on May 15 2009. I’ve watched all seasons a complete 12 times. Yes 12 times. Its so fantastic, and yes I still had time to revise. I love this program. The first season is about them breaking out. The way Micheal Scofield thinks, the way he works, its so intriguing, it pulls you in! The next 3 seasons you find out why they’re in prison, and how they take down the people who put them in there. Although I love this for the plot, the way everything was set out, the fantastic acting, it also got to me because of the unbearable final episode! Although its a very sad ending, I watched it 12 times, just because. And yes that is a reason.

Pretty Little Liars.

Well! Trembles!
Literally this program gives me nightmares. ITS NOT EVEN SCARY. its a bit freaky, because of who A is and what his capable of and what he actually does but its not like a horror! It takes the most weird twists and turns its just whoa! Its still running and its on season 6 but trust me watching it from the beginning is so worth it! Don’t worry as of yet we still dont have confirmation for who this “A” is that is terrorising the girls!  The girls are so good! The girls are gorgeous as well, on and off camera! There characters are really strong and independent, and theres romances OF COURSE.

Greys Anatomy

Recently started watching this, but got to say, if your into the body sciences you got to watch this, not only that but if your into drama you need to watch this. Theres drama all over it. It really depicts surgeons as these people who work their backsides off to become top notch but theres just no real time to have a life. It shows all the mishaps that happen when surgeons don’t have time, when they fall for their patients, when they can’t save a life, the mental trauma, the romance in work, the hard life outside, but for all the science lovers, seeing blood and gory not too much, but seeing operations take place, and all the illnesses and symptoms and diseases. OMG talking about science gives me smiles.


Well HELLO LEFTY (Matt Smith).
This program, I never thought I’d ever watch it. I thought it was the sci-fi, star trek kind of show, and that it was boring.
But hell no its not. My best friend got me into this, and I thank God every day for it. David Tennant was my favourite Doctor, you just fell in love with his character, and especially the romance between the Doctor and Rose Tyler OMG just beautiful. But the ending to that was so cute, but so sad on the Doctor it made me cry. It actually made me cry. Then came Matt Smith this funny, stupid, dopey and weird guy who thinks wearing a bow tie and fez is so damn cool, tbf after watching it enough I started to find it cool. Definitely recommend this if you love action and just a really good cheesy show to watch, about an alien human type time lord, with two hearts from Gallifrey.


This true legend show is the best show I’ve ever come across. I’ve watched the seasons more times than prison break. I watch it as a routine. I need it on in the background in the morning when I’m getting ready. I need it on when im eating, when Im sitting when im working. Just on. It calms me down and cheers me up. Play the theme tune. I WILL DANCE. The beauty of this show. Yes theres crude humour, but its not bucket loads of it. Joey’s complete innocence is so cute, its so die for literally, its so adorable you fall in love with his character. Phoebes weirdness and her spontaneous light bulbs that go off make you really appreciate having her around the group. Friends isnt friends without Chandler and his sarcasm in his every sentence. I dont think i can recall a sentence he says that doesnt require sarcasm to finish. Ross and Rachel you need them two. If you didnt have them two there would be no real heat and romance, although there is more :x. And Monica? shes the one who keeps the group together, shes the glue. Her OCD is the icing on the cake.

I officially love friends. I love it so much my friend bought me the box set. And I wake up thanking God every day.

Also just to be clean and clear I’m not a fan girl of all these shows. Okay I am a bit, but only to the extent that I follow the main characters on Instagram and Twitter, and sometimes message to tell them how awesome they are, and sometimes talk in the specific shows “lingo”, or sometimes reference the shows, or sometimes cry when things happen even though ive watched it 897.1 times before and sometimes… just sometimes squeal when I hear something about one of the shows. But I’m definitely not a fan girl.

Whats your favourite shows?


6 thoughts on “Watch an episode… Watch the Season… Watch the seasons

      1. Yeahhh it is good but I’ll say there a lot of ‘don’t look’ scenes and Suits is about this guy Harvey Specter in a law firm who hires an assistant the illegal way but only because the dude is really smart. It’s so hard to explain but in the series the both of them go through so much drama but trust me it’s really good

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  1. Hi Zainab,

    First of all, thanks for your follow, it’s really important for me as a newbie in the blogging world. Second, I love several of the series you’ve mentioned. I’m not a keen TV watcher and the only thing I really enjoyed was Breaking Bad.

    Un abrazo


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