Insomnia Issues.

1. I thought I was a vampire.
We all have those sleepless nights. We toss and turn and anger  because we just can’t seem to nod off.  Try not sleeping for 4 nights. After watching twilight and learning Edward doesn’t sleep, I thought OMG maybe that’s why I don’t sleep. Soon after Twilight,  due to my sleep deprivation, I started to “think” I craved blood and started to “think” my canines were bigger than they normally look. I started seeing my self become pale. Little did I realise, I had fresh blood inside me. I didn’t realise I was pale because I lacked sleep, I wasn’t eating properly and the fact that I had a chest infection. I won’t ever forget the fact I thought I was a vampire. Sometimes I still do. Sometimes I think I’m a bit loose in the head. And sometimes just sometimes I get sleep.

2. I thought I was going to die
yes I thought I was going to die. I thought this was a very cruel way in which I was just destined to die. The longest I’ve been without sleep is 4 nights and heck, it was the worst time of my life. My head felt like it was going to explode and my eyes were always red. I wasn’t meant to die then… I’m alive now. Oh it hurt though, I was taken into hospital because it was just that bad. The doctor said “your stressed”. You know that feeling when someone tells you something that you’ve considered like 1500 times and you wanna punch someone with a hammer? Yeah it was that kind of feeling.

3. I had anger issues. Have/had sort of the same thing 😛😝
my anger generally is due lack of sleep. Though lack of sleep is meant to make you tired and have no energy. My anger made me so bad I punched things and shouted and just my temperature went too high too quick.

4. I kept seeing things and hearing things that weren’t happening.
I don’t mean ghosts and I don’t mean random voices. I mean I kept seeing my mom was there but she wasn’t she was in a different room. Or I kept hearing my family call me when they weren’t they were watching TV… With me… Right next to me… A bit odd, scary and weird.

I still have trouble sleeping sometimes but its better than before. Instead of just not sleeping. I wake up several times of the night. And the sleep sucked so bad, I feel like rampaging across the city.

Issues sleeping?
Me too.


9 thoughts on “Insomnia Issues.

    1. Well they were quite bad for me. The headaches weren’t fantastic lol and well at first they said try decreasing stress tension and stuff try finding out what’s wrong. Then they said also said that my weight could be a big factor for it. So I researched into and apparently its a big factor. They did offer sleeping tablets but they were a bit iffy with it because I’m still quite young, and plus I was against them because I don’t really want to be dependant on something for sleep. So that’s another reason I started going gym and eating healthy. And it has helped. Before I literally used to be awake from when I got into bed until the sun rose. But now I sleep its just its broken because I wake up every hour or so. But its better than how it used to be. Do you have sleeping issues?

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      1. I’ve had issues since I was little but I had a little trick to get myself to sleep. Took me several hours to fall asleep though. It was also stress related and still no idea where the stress came from.
        I can understand not wanting to be dependent on pills to be able to sleep. Even with I still wake up, sometimes more than once so the only thing they do is make me fall asleep. I really only in to sleep when I start yawning these days. It’s useless to go sooner. 😦

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      2. Sorry for the late reply! What trick did you find help you to get to sleep? Stress is the worst. Apparently with me I’m soooooo stressed, for me I think that’s the doctors cop out answer. They can’t find the cause so its because of stress.

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      3. Np, I sometimes forget so reply as well. 😛
        I try to focus on something more fun that has nothing to do with real life.. I’m usually too “into my story” I don’t realise I fell asleep. I think it’s more of an overactive brain. It takes a while to “empty your head”. It helps sometimes to focus on my breathing as well.
        Ever tried meditation?

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      4. That’s quite a good trick actually! However I tend to not sleep because my imagination is too wild. So I think of something fun and that opens a can of worms. I have tried mediation and its nice till I get into bed. I can only have a nice sleep when I’m completely exhausted. And that’s not often unfortunately. I’ve tried exercise I’ve tried exercising all day. It doesn’t work. I just have to go a length of time without sleep to have a nice sleep. A great life haha

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