Justice for Rajon

A few days ago in the country I have to call my “origins”, one of the most disgraceful acts that I’ve ever heard of in my whole life took place.

The last time I went to that country was in 2003 and hands down I will never go again. Its become so corrupt its not even humane anymore.

A young boy of 13, Rajon. A poor boy. He stole something. He didn’t rob a bank, he didn’t shoot someone. He helped sell vegetables for his family.  He one day allegedly tried to steal a rickshaw. SUCH A TERRIBLE CRIME. My foot.

3 men. Tied him to a pole. One recorded. One beat him with a rod. Beat the crap out of him. Literally murdered him in front of an audience. The autopsy showed 60 injury marks, and that he died of brain hemorrhage.

One man fled to Saudi Arabia. And two stayed. All three have been arrested. One man on TV today was pleading for mercy. My first opinion was what happened to when the boy was pleading for mercy? My second opinion was yep hes gonna get what he deserves. I had no sorrow, no sympathy for that man. None whatsoever.

The pain and torture the boy went through was just unacceptable. The misery that the parents are put through.

I have cousins that age. That I still see as my babies. And they do that?

Its just sick.

That’s not the only story. There’s more. Much more.


7 thoughts on “Justice for Rajon

  1. The whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth, I cannot tell you how disgusted I am by the fact that someone can find pleasure in killing a young boy.

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  2. Yes, it was stomach churning when it happened.. but surely, it does not mean that the entire country is like that. I know that it sounds bad these days with the blogger killings, this incident and the internal strife. Still, it has probably more culture, literature, history and genuine decency than a lot of other nations in the neighbourhood.

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      1. amee? Noy… amee dakkhini… 😀 Madrashi 😀 Jodi tumhey amakey bustechau, (or whatever the rest of it is.. I learned those lines for some stupid debate in my school days, oh so many decades ago.. and while I love Bengali and my own language reminds me of it – Konkani.. It is unfortunate that I never did learn to speak it, even though I lived with Bengalis and some of my best friends are Bengalis. But woe is me. I cannot even speak Tamil even though I grew up around them).

        On a serious note. I am not saying that any country is wonderful. In my own country, India, I am probably an aberration. People tell me I am a traitor or unpatriotic because I usually speak about the unpleasantness I see around me. They say, if I loved my country, I would only see the good in it and not speak up about the evil or the bad. Well, I happen to think the opposite it true :D.. so most times I am unpopular for my opinions.

        Similarly, it does not mean you hate your mother country. If you live in another country, as you do, then love your adopted nation as fiercely. But do not mistake patriotism for virtue. It is not one.

        Sorry about the hectoring note 😀 Got carried away. Drag that pulpit away from me 😀 Take care.. good to hear from you. Your country of origin is a great nation, no matter what louts inhabit it now. It was historically cultured and refined and probably more intellectual than the rest of this subcontinent. So do not ever be ashamed of it. Come to think of it, a Madrasi is telling you this, so there must be a grain of truth in it 😀


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      2. I’m so sorry that I didn’t reply to this sooner! My app stopped working so I lost all my notifications from before and just going through comments now I came across this lovely little speech! Honestly, I do love my country, its beautiful, its just I wish i could go back to visit without fearing for my life! You do speak the truth honestly, I read that with a smile on my face!

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      3. 🙂 Yes, you will, some day… maybe there has to be a worldwide purge of all the madmen before any of us can find peace. Here’s hoping that happens somehow 🙂


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