Weight Update (2)

Hi guys, the last time I did weight update was on the 19th of June its been just over a month now and I’m very glad to say that my weight has decreased!

So my previous weight:

25th May: 185 pounds
Waist – 104cm/40.9 inches 

19th June: 180 pounds
Waist – 95cm/37.4 inches

20nd July: 175 pounds
Waist: 85cm/ 33.4inches

The weight loss did slow down in the middle for a while because of Ramadan, but im glad because it honestly taught me control over my eating and food in take

I’ve lost 10 pounds and 7 inches off my waist!

I’m going to be working my butt off the next month, meaning I’m hitting my maximum. Doing as much as I can! Cleaning up my diet and smashing it at the gym!

I use fitness pal too its so great! Let’s me keep track of everything!


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