Love Handles (Update)

We all know that selectively losing weight in specific parts of the body is very difficult! However, just like acne there are certain factors that increase the chances of getting spots, you can have certain factors that increase the chances of getting love handles!

Very big factor CORTISOL

Cortisol is a substance that is released in stressful situations.An increase of cortisol leads to an increase in your blood sugar! Cortisol influences the build up of fat around the middle of the body. Easiest way to reduce this affect is STOP STRESSING

 There are many reasons why we stress, exams, jobs, family, school EVERYTHING. You could easily think of 10 things right now that are stressing you out! Stop stressing! Everything is gonna be okay! One thing I do to relieve stress is YOGA its so good! Getting good sleep is also important for weight loss! Not getting enough sleep causing production of cortisol and then the cycle starts again! Drinking water is very important for weight loss! Keep hydrated, drink plenty of water, even more in the summer, and even more if your exercising!


    • QUIT the processed food
    • EAT MORE fruit and veg with your meals

      – one way I’ve started to do this is to eat a salad with my food, consisting of tomatoes, cucumbers, half an onion, a bit of chopped coriander and lettuce and a bit of mint on top (MINT IS REALLY GOOD FOR SUPPRESSING APPETITE)
    • STAY AWAY from alcohol and sugary drinks
    • GET more protein and fibre in your diet!


    Some more reasons as to why people get love handles is for women “oestrogen dominance”. Now I have sucky love handles that dont go away, however my dad and brother hardly have any back fat. Oestrogen dominance is exactly what it says. You have a bit of a hormone imbalance, a increase in oestrogens causing formation of love handles.

    Also a little something you generally don’t think about. When we eat fruit and veg we generally go to our market or supermarket to grab them. But we tend to forget the processes they went through before hand. For example, chemicals that were used in order to stop pests, insects and other substance impeding healthy growth. These chemicals sometimes stay on foods if not appropriately washed. These chemicals are toxins in your body!  Toxins can also contribute to life handle formation. So a quick fix is making sure our fruit and veg is properly washed and cleaned.


    This is my favourite bit: 

    BLOGILATES: – Cassey Ho is one the most beautiful women inside and out! She’s so good, she posts regular exercise videos up on youtube, she mixes it up, and she does the whole thing with you! Shes so motivating and she just knows what shes doing! I’ve been doing her videos for a couple of weeks now, and event though, I’m not the fittest, the most flexible and the healthiest I can still do her videos, and each one i get better at! I’ve been doing her oblique and love handle videos and mine are slowly shrinking. I LOVE IT! Its such a good way of de stressing and its such a good way of just getting rid of the bad thoughts and re-energising!

    I’ve posted some of her links to exercise those obliques:

    As Long As You Love Me Love Handles Challenge

    TOUGH LOVE Handles Workout | POP Pilates

    Love Handle Hysteria | POP Pilates

    And a couple for that muffin top!

    POP Pilates: Muffintop Massacre

    5 Best Muffintop Melting Moves


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