I hit a stone. Really hard. (W.U.3)

I went to gym today and I smashed it. I smashed it like Hulk. 💪
I went on the cross trainer for half an hour and I just didn’t stop I kept going and going and going. I smashed the bike till I got off and I wanted to cry. And I rowed till well I rowed…

All my life I’ve been wanting to lose a significant amount of weight. And i finally after 2 months and a bit I’ve finally hit a stone. I’VE LOST 14 POUNDS PEOPLE. 14 DAMN NASTY POUNDS OF FAT!

I worked out so hard in gym I took a picture of the back of my shirt which went from white go grey. I’ve never sweat that much in my whole life. Now I know I can push myself past my limits.

I’ve lost a stone, my waist has go e down by at least 7-8 inches and my arms at getting so toned I feel like I could arm wrestling Dwayne “the rock” Johnson, and make him cry. Okay so I love that man, his such a inspiration!

I’m not going to stop here. I went from obese to over weight, I went from walking to running, I went from binging to eating in proportion. My life has changed and only because I took control of it. My current weight is 173 pounds. Which is quite a distance from my heaviest which was 187. I’ll be very happy to reach my 160s before the 18th which is my trip to Morocco is far fetched but I’m hoping to try my best!

I’d would like to say thanks for all the support to everyone who did tell me to keep going, and of like to thank my best friend ❤
he is my motivation, to move, to lose the weight, to eat right, to be healthy! He pushes me till I literally can’t take it anymore!

So thank you ❤


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