Hi! So I’m back from Morocco! I’ve got the most horrible tan due it being awkwardly uneven. But I loved it.

The heat was so amazing! It was crazy hot, but I loved it! I loved it so much! There wasn’t a cold day although the odd breeze would be like a drop of heaven! I absolutely loved the market! Jame al – Fanaa it was my favourite bit! During the day its nice, but the heat is way too much, and the food market isn’t out so its a bit quieter. When it hits the night, you can literally feel the culture just hit you in the face!Β  Its so lovely to be in. The atmosphere, everything is lit up, and people are buzzing around everywhere, its chaotic but its so lovely to be in. There’s a line of horse carriages which make an area of it smell a bit off but being a carriage is so much fun. However. I am officially against carriage riding because I have fallen in love with horses. Horses don’t deserve to be pulling 6 people around its cruel…

Camel riding- was so good. I’ve sat on a camel! Omg camels are so damn cute! Soo cute! It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done! I want to now buy a camel.

So then our hotel. So we booked the hotel online before we went. When we got there it was basically someone’s house, which we didn’t mind. What we did mind was the fact that the pictures we saw were very very different to what we were given! It smelt of sewage, the beds were hard and almost on the floor, everywhere smelt, the bathrooms were really dirty. It was just really not nice. The guy was doing fixing on the day we got there which should’ve been done in the 3 weeks he had before we came. So then we moved to this FANTASTIC hotel. Hotel Oudaya there was a lovely swimming pool the hotel rooms were really nice, hotel was perfect. The people were so nice!

Moroccan people honestly are so lovely, like everyone just cares about each other, everyone is lovely! I’d love to go back, there’s 2 things that I miss the most, the market and the heat!

We went to Atlas mountains, we went to the City Agadir to visit a huge beach. So we went to the top of a huge mountain so we could see the beach from a very high place. It looked beautiful! We went sight seeing, went to see palaces, gardens and tombs! Overall I think it was such a lovely holiday, I’d definitely go again. ❀


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