#ThingsIWantToDo #1


Now, I don’t know if you can tell, but I have a slightly “unhealthy” obsession with skin care.

I’ve always wanted to launch a skin care brand. Now recently I’ve been trying to figure out a really nice name! I’ve found that “vanilla” really sticks out to me because of the smell I actually want. Which is based on the smell of my shower cream. “Vanilla and macadamia “. Smells GORGEOUS. and quite frankly so do I after my showers :roll::roll:

Any opinions on the name? Apparently its not very out there, it keeps like running through my head. If not any ideas?  I’m working on a formulation at the moment, doing pharmacy has its benefits!

Also had a little think about “touch” it really gives a gentle feel to the product, or “belle peau” which means beautiful skin in French.

I want to launch a skin cream, it’ll be a daily moisturizer, and then I also want to formulate my own face wash.

If I’m not using the vanilla and macadamia as a scent its not the end of the world because that’s not what I want the main ingredient in my product to be. For the first product I’d want a moisturising cream consisting of almond, lemon and honey. All three are promising ingredients for the skin, honestly the work wonders! For acne, for scars, unclogging pores loads of things!

If I get enough motivation to do this, I need to do research and stuff and the possible speak to one of lecturers about the cream. I really want to do this, it’d be a dream come true literally.

Any ideas guys?


6 thoughts on “#ThingsIWantToDo #1

  1. I think vanilla is a really promising name! I hope that you can go far with your dream, especially since you already have so much skincare knowledge and are still gaining some! I also think having natural ingredients would be taking a good step too. I vote vanilla 🙂

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