A post about stuff I need to do, need help with and wanted to talk about. ❤

So for me, I’ve felt like all my life I’ve gone unnoticed. Apart of me has. However, a friend pointed out to me while I was moaning about being a failure that, I go unnoticed because of the plain and simple fact, I don’t put myself out there. I just don’t. So for myself I’m going to be getting myself all great and stuff… Now I don’t really know what comes under “great and stuff” but I’ve made a start on a list of things I want to do by the end of the year so here goes it:

1. Learn to speak French.
Now everyone did French in school, well everyone I know anyway. The only things I remember is counting to 10 and asking a persons name. Now if that’s not fluent I don’t know what is 🙄 But on a serious note, I’ll be learning and focusing hard on learning to speak fluent French. I guess I chose it because I already had a bit of “basic knowledge” well I wouldn’t call it knowledge but its definitely basic 😂

2. Learn all the history to World War II.
BORING. right?
Very wrong.

I never thought I’d ever be intrigued by the world war. I thought the world war was in a nutshell “Adolf Hitler, Jewish people, mass murder”. Heck was I wrong. One of the reasons I want to learn about the world war is because I want to increase my general knowledge, because I know my science stuff but I’ve never really had an historical knowledge, and I want it. (Okay part of the motivation for this comes from watching “the chase” on ITV on weekdays). But also I randomly typed it into Google and I had no idea so many countries were involved and so many countries affected. So far what I’ve learnt is mainly the pre-war events like the Japanese invading China, the Italians invading Ethiopia and also how it began with Germany invading Poland on September 1st 1939. That felt so good to type, knowing that it came from my memory. So many innocent civilians were killed and so many brave soldiers were killed. How can I  go my life knowing such little of what is the biggest war/event/battle that ever took place?

3. Become a yoga momma 🙄

Now I yoga every now and then but I’ve become lazy, and I’ve never really reached the level of flexibility I’ve wanted to so I’ll be doing 30 minutes of yoga every morning till I can do the splits. Yes that’s my goal. The splits.

4. Hopefully!! Wish me luck, pass my exams on the 15th of September. Now I had 4 exams for my second year in Pharmacy, 3 of them I passed with flying colours, planes, trains and automobiles (love that film) I got 70% in all of them. But unfortunately the marking for the 4th exam is quite harsh because its easy to make a silly mistake which could end up harming a patient if it were a real case scenario.  So I had to resit all the stations for that exam. Getting results next Tuesday, and I think I might not open them… I’m just gonna go with the flow… Just walk into lectures as usual… 😦 okay that’s not happening. But seriously I have a gut feeling i failed, but I’m really trying to put full faith in God here because I know what He does He does only for my best.

5… So I don’t really know much more of stuff I can do, so I wouldn’t mind some suggestions on ways I can improve my brain, and really put myself out there, show people what I’m made of, what I can do. I want to be noticed by people and I want them to say Yep definitely want to hire her, or yep definitely want her to teach my kid, or yep definitely want you to be my pharmacist, or just “yep, its you”.




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