2 Week Skin Care Experiment



Recently I had a huge breakout on my face, on my left side and I wanted a quick solution. I didn’t spots. My skin is quite sensitive but when I get a spot I know where and why its decided to pay me a visit.  My skin also doesnt heal the quickest, like I have scars from spots from when I was at school. Though this makes me feel beyond old, that was more than 4 years ago. So i recently went to Boots and had a look at some products that weren’t to horrible to my purse but also weren’t on the I havent been tested but try me anyway.

I bought two products that came up to around £4 and I think it was quite worth it because I’ve been using it and the bottles and tubes look barely touched, reason being a little of it is a lot, so they last quite a while.

To start off with is “tea tree and witch hazel” cleansing and toning lotion

Clean Your Face

Now this product and the next contains a tea tree oil which is an anti- bacterial – which basically does what it says. It removes any bacteria from your face that shouldn’t be there that causes spots. It also contains a skin calming agent called witch hazel. This product keeps your skin clear and healthy by fighting any bacteria, unclogging and tightening the pores, removing excess dirt, oil and make up from from the skin and also toning your skin.

Clean Your Face

This product is a night treatment gel which is superb! It has the same two products as the cleansing lotion but instead it work intensely in the night to unclog your pores and to prevent spots from coming onto your beautiful skin! Also I’ve notice that if for some reason I get a spot, its decreased in size, the bacteria has disappeared (because the white stuff is gone) and it doesnt look like you have a mountain growing on your face

Hope you liked reading this.


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