So Weight update 5

Now I haven’t taken any recent pictures but I do have a couple of pictures that show weight change in my face. When I used to smile you could see my chubby cheeks to wanting to explode. But now my chubby cheeks have decided to stay nice and… Firm. I don’t know if that’s the right word to use there but…

So I weighed myself a couple of days ago and can now FINALLY say. I am in the 160 pounds. I know its going to get harder and harder to lose weight. I already feel it when I workout and when I have to stay away from foods because I’ve hit my calorie intake

ATM I’m 168 pounds! 76kg but a much healthier and fitter 76kg than I was before.

So here’s the pictures:
If you can’t see a difference its fine. I can. And that’s what imhappy about. I can also see a difference in my body overall and my like appearance generally. But I can’t show them yet unfortunately.


This is a picture from March 2015- August 2015


This is from January my birthday this year to August


This is from Eid last year so 2014 October time, the middle picture is from June 2015 and the last is from August.

I feel a difference can see a difference and that’s what I’m happy about!


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