Never had an interview before guys! First interview.

Its at Boots, this Friday. 10.30am.

Any tips and tricks? I need this job. I need confidence guys!

Any ideas on the questions asked at an interview?

Its a customer assistant position. I need it so I can hopefully transfer to the pharmacy department but yes. Please do help 😎:(



7 thoughts on “HELP!

  1. Know as much as you can about the company you´re going to work in, and then what is your added value to the company. And watch body language as well as tone in voice. Be assertive but without coming as an a-hole.

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    1. I’ve heard from a lot of people that I should know about the company, but the thing with that is like how do I put that into my interview where does that fit in? I’m so nervous! I’m having a look at the advantage card and like what boots offers I’m just bad with talking.

      Thanks for the help though!


      1. Well if the person says something if you know about the company you can add to the conversation and that way the person will know that you did your homework. That in itself is a plus. Plus it seems your young, and if you don´t get this job there will be others. Is just a job interview, the world isn´t falling apart. You´ll learn from it whichever way it goes. Relax. .

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