“Connection” – Part 1: Dani

“This is as good as it’s going to get” she said looking at her reflection, with her baggy top and faded jeans, fluffing her straightened her up trying to get some volume in there. She picked up her bag, threw it over her shoulder and walked out the room. “Dani, aren’t you going to eat before your big first day?!” Shouted a voice from downstairs. “I’m coming mom!”

Sat down at a table with her two brothers, her sister and her parents eating her waffles and beans, Dani wandered off into a world of her own. A world where she had fallen in love. This was a place Dani liked to be. It never existed in reality but it existed in her mind. She longed for the day she would fall in love and find the right person.

Now 20, never been in love, shy and quiet Dani had to move away from home because her Dad had gotten a new job. She had to leave her first year friends behind at her old university in Leeds and move to London.

“There I’m done!” Dani stated, as she walked over to the sink to wash the dishes. “Oh no dear, leave it. I’ll wash it!” “Mom, its going to take a lot more than washing my plate to make up for the fact that you just took my friends away, stripped me of any chance I had of happiness and ruined my life.!”

As Dani slammed the door behind her, and she pushed the button to unlock her car, a feeling of guilt overtook her because of the way she treated her mom, as she drooled over her brand new car that her parents had gifted her.

As she drives through the fog, that is the miserable day she has taken on, she tries to find her way to her new university. Her GPS is her savior at this moment in time. With Dani’s luck it starts to rain, heavy. She can barely see out of the windscreen, making her drive slower. “I’m going to be late.” Dani was a studious girl. She loved her education and she was always hitting the books. Dani isn’t late, she just wasn’t the type of girl to call in sick or late. She parked up where she could in this havoc of traffic. Pulling as hard as she can on the hand brake, taking her frustration out of being the new kid again she opens the door and thinks to herself, ” well, here goes nothing.” Hood up, gripped hands on her bag, prepared for the storm, Dani set off to walk it to the university building, to prevent getting late. After asking multiple estranged students she finally found her way to the building. She caught a glimpse of her appearance at the entrance window. Her hair, clothes everything was soaked. “Well that wasn’t a good idea was it Dani?” she thought to herself.

Dani had already passed the first year of her philosophy degree, so this is her second year in a brand new building with brand new people. Not the best situation for a quiet and shy girl.

Dani waddled her way to the front of the lecture, dragging her feet as she walked. The squidgy sounds of her wet boots and the wet look wasn’t the first impression Dani was going for. Dani grabbed a seat near the front of the lecture hall away from the crowds. Both sat down waiting in the hustle and bustle that is the noise of the room, full of students flicking through last years notes, the clicking of pens, and the laughter and chatter of freshly formed groups of friends. The room was full and everyone was getting impatient.

Dani was flicking through her phone when a sudden silence fell over the room. She slowly raised her head to find herself in a state of trance.

“Connection” on Wattpad http://w.tt/1l9cR1A.


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