Story time!

I’ve recently been so busy! I had an interview for Boots, and hell yeah I got the job!

Also I’ve been doing a bit of story writing. I’ve always been into love stories, I have a soft spot. I love, love stories whatever the plot. So my novel, story whatever floats your boat, is actually called ” Connection”.

I’m writing it on Wattpad, my names beardofhagrid. If you must know, hagrid is lovely. Yes, the hagrid. The hagrid from harry potter. If your on wattpad let me know!

The description:

Never been in love before Dani, has moved away from her home with her family to a completely new place. However, her dreams of falling in love are still the same.

She endeavours on a crazy rollercoaster of emotions, but does Dani find love?

I’ll be posting parts 1-3 now. I’m all ears for comments, likes, criticism, thoughts, opinions. Whatever pops into that beautiful mind of your.


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