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How often should I eat? –


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  1. All good advice, since it emphasizes the importance of knowing how one’s own body functions, compared to the averages….

    I lost 75 lbs in one year, simply by sticking to two rules…

    No more than 1400 calories a day; one eats only when hunger strikes, and never between eating times.

    Confine ALL eating to one 12 hour period during the day, for example, between 0600 and 1800. If you don’t eat outside those times, weight will naturally drop to normal for your metabolism, over time…

    The only other necessary ingredient is will power, to stick to the rules…..

    But, as the article says, design your diet to fit your own metabolism, and the common rules of sensible eating; you’ll lose the weight that is not needed to be healthy….

    gigoid, the dubious


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    1. I’ve lost 25 pounds in 2-3 months, and I can honestly say famous diets and things you find on the internet do not help or work especially when you want it to be a real lifestyle change. It needs to be what suits you. I stuck to eating between 6am and 6 pm and eating 1500 kcal! Thanks for the response!!

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    2. Thanks for the comment!
      Congratulations on the weight loss! What you are saying is completely true and you’ve proved that it works! Dieting doesn’t have to be so hard does it?! Just be comfortable with what your doing and your body will fix itself.

      I hope you enjoyed reading my article, if you did, make sure to follow!. I’m going to be posting a lot more very soon!

      The Soul Flex

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