“Connection” – Part 2: Mr Beau

“Connection” on Wattpad http://w.tt/1l9cR1A.
“Thats it for today folks,” Mr Beau concluded. As the class started to pack away, Dani counted the number of girls who approached Mr Beau as he answered their so called questions. Mr Alec Beau was a newly graduated lecturer, this was his first day at the university. Mr Beau wasn’t an ordinary, old, sort of wrinkly, strict, kids are no use these days kind of man. He was a man in his mid 20’s, 5′ 6″, visible physique, black hair, fair skin, slight stubble with green eyes. This explained the large number of girls surrounding him. Mr Alec Beau, didn’t find it distasteful, yet he didn’t outwardly enjoy it. As the girls swarmed towards him, Dani thought to herself, “A teacher, Dani? A teacher?”. With her doubts about her appearance and her failure to comprehend her beautiful nature she walked out the room. Little did Dani know a curious someone noticed her leave.

Staring at a white ceiling, Dani lifts her heavy and dizzy head to find herself in the nurses office. She lifts herself up and sits at the edge of the stretcher. “Why am I in here nurse?” She asked. “Well, Mr Beau found you unconscious in the hall way so he ca..” “Wait Mr Beau? Did you say Mr Beau?” Dani interrupted.
“Yes Mr Beau the Philosophy lecturer, why so surprised?”
“Oh… Nothing. What happened?” She uncomfortably continued the conversation.
“You walked into a pole. You must no…”
“I WALKED INTO A POLE?!” she shouted. “That’s so embarrassing, did anybody see? Did you find me quick? Did people laugh? Do I have a bump on my head?”
“Sweet heart, you just had a clumsy moment. Make sure you look where your going, also if you let me finished my sentences you wouldn’t have so many questions” she giggled.
Dani nervously laughed. There was a knock on the door. Knock knock. Nurse Jen went to open the door. It was Mr Beau.
“Dani, is it?” He asked.
“Yea, that’s me” she said unwillingly.
“That was quite a bump you had there. Must be a very special someone if they’ve got you thinking about them so deep in concentration, that you thought you could surpass poles.” He laughed. Mr Beau found it rather amusing, unlike an ordinary teacher who would come to comfort their student or to follow up. Instead Mr Beau came for his amusement. “No, no, no special someone, I was just cold. From the rain in the morning.”
“Ah, that explains your wet look and water smell” he said laughing, Dani blushed, “I don’t smell!” Mr beau laughed and walked towards the door.
“Anyway, I’ll be off, I’ve got a lecture to go to, just came to check if your alright.” Mr Beau said.
“You forgot to ask if I was alright…” Dani said cheekily.
“Ah, I thought my fantastic wit and humour was self explanatory, are you alright Dani?”
“Yeah I’m fine now!” She said bluntly.

Mr Beau left the room and shut the door behind him.
“You shouldn’t stare too long at him sweety, he’ll catch on” she said innocently.
“What!? What are you saying?”
“He’s a mysterious fella, his interest in philosophy makes him so, but then his humour and jolly character makes you smile doesn’t it?!”
“What are you implying?!” Dani exclaimed.
“You fancy the new guy, don’t you?!”
“Is it that obvious?!”
“Sweety, he’s older than you, much. I wouldn’t get into anything in that little brain of yours, you’ll just get hurt. And yes, its obvious, the shock that Mr Beau found you, the way you shook when he walked in, the way you stare at him and the way you giggled with your little cheeky remarks. Its cute, but you’ll get hurt. You’re his student Dani.”
“I know. Its just a phase. It’ll pass.”

Dani leapt up from the stretcher and headed for the door. “Go home, get some rest. And here, take this. Its an ice pack for that bump.” Said the nurse.

Dani exited the room, and looked around before she started to walk. She walked towards the building exit and remembered, “Shoot!! My car is a mile away!” It has stopped raining by that time and so she hasn’t a problem walking to her car. All the way home she was thinking about what shed previously been dwelling over before she hit the pole. She vividly remembered it. Mr Beau. Suddenly, she broke. She didn’t realise a girl was crossing the road. She scrolled the window down and shouted an apology. The girl was in shock. Dani got out of the car, to her rescue and asked her if she wanted a ride.

Both in the car, “I’m so, so sorry. I wasn’t paying attention, this isn’t the first time.”
“Don’t worry, its alright, you weren’t too close to me, I would’ve made it. But hey I get a free ride. Its a left on that road. Hey don’t I know you? Were you in Mr Beau’s class today? At the front? You were wet from the rain?” She asked.
“Oh, is that what I’m going by now? The wet girl? Yep that’s me. My names Dani and you?”
“My names Emily, so you’re new here?”
“Yeah my dad got a new job here so we had to move over here” Dani explained.
“Oh that’s cool, how you finding it so far? Enjoying it? Do you like it here?”
“Its OK. I’m just finding it hard to settle in, what about you? I didn’t see you in the lecture hall?”
“That’s because I was behind you, I tend to stay away from the big groups, I lose focus.”
“Me to,”shouted Dani, “but because I’m antisocial rather than focus. I lose focus regardless the situation”
“Haha, that’s funny! This is my stop by the way, thanks for the ride. We should meet some time.”
“Yeah we should,” said Dani excitedly, “shall I give you my number?”

They both exchanged numbers, beginning a beautiful friendship that almost started with a car accident and a near miss. Dani had a strange smile on her face all the way home. She kept thinking, “urgh that Mr Beau, he’s so annoying. How dare he say I smell? He’s not that good looking, he’s just irritating.” She had a grin the size of her face when she got home, confusing her family. When asked about uni, “it was great mom, I met a lovely girl called Emily.” She left all the bits that could be taken the wrong way out of the story. Dani couldn’t explain why she was so happy. But she was. She was happy.


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