“Connection” -Part 3: The Second Day

“Connection” on Wattpad http://w.tt/1l9cR1A.
Dani was up earlier than usual. She sat up awake in her bed for at least half an hour. Just thinking, in her own world again. She thought thoroughly about what Nurse Jen had said and how what if she really did fancy him and how its not a good idea. Dani was imprisoned with millions of thoughts, but she finally agreed that it wasn’t going to let it take over her life. She was going to brush the lust to a side. She had so many more things that were important.

Freshened up and looking in the mirror, feeling a funny kind of low again. She started a new day, “well, this is as good as it gets” she sighed.

Downstairs and ready she sat with her family once again to eat her breakfast. “Mom, sorry about yesterday… I didn’t mean to shout or blame you”
“Its alright dear.”
Dani had an older sister Dana, an older brother Michael and a younger brother Mark. They all got on so well, they were all so very close. Dani and her older brother had a very special bond formed when they were younger. He could read her like a book. He could read her emotions, her feelings, her thoughts. Everything. Dani found it rather unsettling at times but more comforting than anything.
“You’ve got a glow on your ugly face Dani” said Michael.
“Hey don’t be mean Mike,” insisted Dad.
“What I’m just saying, she looks happier. Although she could tie her hair up she looks like a forest. And it wouldn’t hurt to moisturise,” he said circling his own face.
“Who made you Gok-wan” Dani giggled, “I moisturise just enough thanks very much.”

With laughter at the table and loving insults thrown back and forth, they all got ready to set off and live their daily lives. “I’ll drop you off and pick you up if you want today Dani,” asked Mike.
“Okay, that’ll be good, the car park was jam packed yesterday when I walked in” said Dani.
“And it’ll give you some more time to come up with a come back fat face” said Mike.

Out the door and in the car, “So who is he?”
“Whose who?” Asked Dani, knowing exactly who he was on about.
“The guy you keep day dreaming about, all night yesterday I had to repeat myself because you couldn’t here me the first time” said Mike.
“How do you know me like that, Mike? It’s a bit freaky.”
“Don’t change the subject, but if were talking about that its just one of my many talents. So who is he?”
“OK fine. Its just this guy in my class, I dont like him or anything. He’s just cute. But he’s much older than me by like 6 or 7 years. But I’m not thinking anything, he’s too old for me. Even if he wasn’t I wouldn’t. I just feel like I’m not good enough.”
“Firstly, you ever say your not good enough again I’m gonna knock you out. Your beautiful, intelligent and funny. Even though you know I think your ugly, stupid and boring,” he punched Dani playfully. “Secondly, I’ve always told you, looks, personality, age. There’s no specific rule book. If you feel something, you think its right, go with your heart. If you think you’re gonna get hurt. Stay away. But if you think its worth the risk, I’m always going to be here to catch you,” he comforted her,” and to beat him to a pulp if he hurts you”.
“Thanks Mike, I’m so glad I have you” said Dani.
“Alright don’t get all emotional on me now. Oh plus his in your class, get to know him. Sit with him in class, make fun of the teacher. That’s how I found Amy.”
“Yeah… The teacher,” she said nervously ” okay, thanks for the advice”. She leapt out the car after giving her brother a insult goodbye and walked into uni with her head still down, but her hair tied up. She always listened to her brother, whether it was fashion advice, boy advice, friends advice whatever it was. He was her fairy godmother. A very hairy godmother.

Walking through the university yard, “Dani!” Shouted Emily. Dani turned and looked in the distance to see the Emily waving. Dani waved back with a grin on her face. Emily caught up with Dani and they walked to their first class together.


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