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Greetings earthlings.:)

My names Zainab I’m 21, a Pharmacy student.

My skin care
Myy weight
My lifestyle and where I’m headed in this crazy world.

Ever since I was young I’ve always had issues with acne. My acne bursts out when I need it not to the most, which is pretty much everyday. I tried so many face washes, so many routines, so much artificial junk on my face which either makes it worse or it makes me feel like I have no hope in life. My acne gave me a really low self esteem, I felt like people looked at me and people judged me and the fact I could never really be pretty. Don’t get me wrong I don’t look like an angel now but I do know how to control my acne.

We’ve all had it. “You should try wash your face more,” “You should stop eating chocolate it gives you spots”, “Wear a bag on your head” (its happened). People who don’t suffer from acne just don’t know anything about anything so next time advise them to not talk. At all. On this blog I’ll (hopefully) be posting regularly the treatments I use to treat my acne and keep away the spots, as well as explanations of why they actually pop up out of no where and advice you might need to keep them away without treatment.

P.S. I don’t believe in make-up i.e. foundation, concealer, toner and all the glamour filled stuff, I believe in all natural stuff. I’ll give you authentic information and explain it via science not advise you to take pills that make you lose 34323.5324 pounds a day and clean your spots in milliseconds. No. I’m just not about that life.

Anyway, as well as my skin care obsession (bought about by my skin care problems), I’m obsessed with weight. I love food, and my food has bought to almost 185 pounds worth of weight. My body doesn’t deserve to be put through that, so as well as any one who reads this benefiting, it also helps me because I get the chance to share as well as rant about how crap I feel or how GREAT I feel. I’ll post my exercise tips on here and my weight dropping hopefully as well as how to have a decent diet that you can enjoy and not go back to craving junk.

If you’d like to contact me just for questions about the skin, confidence, weight Β whatever it maybe, you can contact me via


27 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Thanks! I definitely don’t believe in make up, I always have a firm belief that if you can sincerely love yourself you don’t need make up! And with a bit of natures help, make up wouldn’t need to exist! πŸ‘Œ

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      1. Sooooo true! I love myself the way I am regardless of what people say. The max I’d do is use dove lotion and Vaseline. Lol!

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  1. Hey Zainab!!! Thank you for dropping by and follow. Your visit to Keep Picturing brought me here. Nice to meet you .Your blog looks really interesting. would like to visit quite often. Stay connected. Have a wonderful weekend..See yaa soon… Keep smiling and Keep Picturing πŸ™‚


  2. Ms. Akthar

    Hello… I saw you stopped in at my blog, and followed; I hope you enjoy your time with us at ECR (actually, there’s only one of me, but, I get confused a lot, and slip into the plural, or, royal, “we”; I can never tell which…)

    Anywho, I always try to stop by new followers to check them out, and follow when interesting (mostly all are; I find most things of interest…)

    Since your blog has drawn my interest in what I’ve read, I’ll be back… I can’t say I’m particularly obsessed with skin care, as I’m 64 yrs. old, male, and have never really been too concerned with my looks, only my health…. but, it’s interesting to see how other people’s minds work, so, there’s the draw for me…

    Take care, & I’ll see you in the comments section… Don’t be afraid to chime in; we/I don’t allow any flaming or bad behavior from guests… All opinions, made with sincerity, are welcome, as long as they don’t become personal arguments, or utilize name calling…. Reason and compassion are our/my bywords on that…

    So, welcome, young paduan… see you around WP…

    gigoid, the dubious


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