What is acne?

Acne is a skin condition where an individual will develop pimples and zits all over or in specific areas of the face with no real known cause. Acne can be a person’s worst nightmare, it can give you low self confidence and esteem, it can ruin your self image, make you feel so low and not wanting to socialise. You often get told by people that don’t suffer from acne that all it is, is a hygiene problem. Just wash your face it’d go away. No. It doesn’t. Acne isn’t caused because you ate an oily meal yesterday, it isn’t because you forgot to moisturise and it isn’t because you forgot to wash your face in the morning or night. There isn’t a real known cause for acne but there are things that can make it worse and certain things you should take into account and be weary of if you suffer from acne. An ancient Chinese method called face mapping can map your face to determine what exactly your acne is telling you.

So what is face mapping?

Face mapping was an old method that doctors used to use to diagnose illness back in the day. Now we have so much new technology we forget the simplest ways to fix our problems. Face mapping splits your face into zones to deter what’s going on inside your body!

The Forehead

These two zones are directly linked to your bladder and kidneys. When your bladders and kidneys are under pressure, being worked to hard or not being taken care of properly, you’ll definitely break out on your forehead. Also it can be linked to digestion, poor digestion can lead to a toxin build up, your body is having a hard time breaking food down.  So? How do we deal with this?

  1. Drink water – To check if your hydrated or not you can check the color of your urine, don’t worry nobody is looking. A light green color is the good to go color however if your pee is orange you need to drink more water. Water makes sure that any toxins in your body are flushed out via your kidneys.
  2. Detox – One of the main reasons why we break out is because of toxin build up in our system from all the foods and drinks that we consume. (I’ll be writing more blogs on how to detox and I’ll post links as soon as!)
  3. The reason you break out on your forehead may not be due to water it could just be due to lack of hygiene!
    If you wear hats or scarves you want to make sure they are clean before they make contact with the skin but also hair can also cause spots if its not washed properly (this doesn’t mean wash with shampoo everyday just a simple rinse is great!)
  4. Poor digestion can easily be dealt with, start eating more fruit and veg! Also get some fibre in the diet, such as carrots, carrots are an excellent source of fibre and will help the break down of food aiding digestion helping to rid the body of toxins.

Between the eyebrows

Here you may get spots or flakiness maybe even redness, this area is generally linked to the liver. Now the liver has to deal with a lot of the oily, fatty and rich meals that we eat, and if were eating too much then were over working it! As well as this eating late at night can also cause break outs or maybe allergies, such as lactose intolerance (allergy to dairy)

Simple fix it: – Try reduce the mount of fatty food you eat as well as alcohol consumption and also eat during the day rather than just before you go to sleep.

Cheeks upper

The upper cheeks are linked to the lungs, personally being an asthmatic (disorder of the lungs) my upper cheeks are quite red and puffy a lot of the time. This can be the cause or it can be due to being in polluted areas. It can also be hygiene, so make sure your pillow cases aren’t dirty and that your cheek and your phone aren’t in constant contact. Get headphones maybe?

Cheeks lower

Your lower cheeks are linked to your gums. So if you have poor oral hygiene for example don’t brush your teeth properly or don’t brush enough, or don’t use other stuff for oral hygiene such as flossing and mouth wash maybe that could be a factor we could attack! (My teeth care routine will also be posted soon; and a link here)

Sides of Chin

My chin always breaks out and its generally due to hormone changes and imbalances. Now hormones (Androgens –, can be due to the girls time of month. This can be prevented by if you know your time of month is coming apply creams before hand or make sure you take other measures to keep that area clean. Hormone imbalance can also be due to stress, but also sleep deprivation can cause spots to! To fix this:-

Stop stressing: Maybe take up exercise, me personally for stress release I love yoga, and also make sure you get enough sleep.

Middle of chin

The middle of the chin is linked to your small intestines. Your small intestines is where most of your digestion of food takes place. Now if you have a poor diet or food allergies, the small intestines are having a few problems! To fix, try clean up your diet, maybe with a period of detox, or reduce the amount of salt and fat consumption.


The ears are connected to the kidney and this can be due to the kidneys being under pressure due to lack of water or even too much salt in the diet. If your a coffee girl like me, it can also be due to that, so try to reduce it or get an alternative


If your breaking out on your chest it can be due to stress or even the clothes you wear. If you’re suffocating your skin too much it will fight back, and first line attack is SPOTS.

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