Story time!

I’ve recently been so busy! I had an interview for Boots, and hell yeah I got the job! Also I’ve been doing a bit of story writing. I’ve always been into love stories, I have a soft spot. I love, love stories whatever the plot. So my novel, story whatever floats your boat, is actually … More Story time!


Never had an interview before guys! First interview. Its at Boots, this Friday. 10.30am. Any tips and tricks? I need this job. I need confidence guys! Any ideas on the questions asked at an interview? Its a customer assistant position. I need it so I can hopefully transfer to the pharmacy department but yes. Please … More HELP!

So Weight update 5

Now I haven’t taken any recent pictures but I do have a couple of pictures that show weight change in my face. When I used to smile you could see my chubby cheeks to wanting to explode. But now my chubby cheeks have decided to stay nice and… Firm. I don’t know if that’s the … More So Weight update 5

A post about stuff I need to do, need help with and wanted to talk about. ❤

So for me, I’ve felt like all my life I’ve gone unnoticed. Apart of me has. However, a friend pointed out to me while I was moaning about being a failure that, I go unnoticed because of the plain and simple fact, I don’t put myself out there. I just don’t. So for myself I’m … More A post about stuff I need to do, need help with and wanted to talk about. ❤

#ThingsIWantToDo #1

Launch Now, I don’t know if you can tell, but I have a slightly “unhealthy” obsession with skin care. I’ve always wanted to launch a skin care brand. Now recently I’ve been trying to figure out a really nice name! I’ve found that “vanilla” really sticks out to me because of the smell I actually … More #ThingsIWantToDo #1